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When Is Ramadan Mubarak 2019 | Ramzan Time Table 2019

Happy Ramadan Mubarak 2019

Days change according to the moon every year, for example, it’s not important that if you had your birthday on Monday in 2019 then it will arrive on the same day. Same as this, months also change their routes and seasons. This cycle of change is fascinating and tricky at the same time and because of these changes its important for people from a different religion to know about their important dates. Talking of important dates, do you know when is Ramadan 2019? If not, don’t worry because we are going to guide you all about when is Ramadan in 2019.

when is ramadan 2019


Ramadan is the ninth month in islamic calendar, it is a holy month of blessings and prayers. Muslims from all around the world fast accordingly throughout the whole month of ramadan. The fast is then broken with a date at the sunset (maghrib). This holy month is said to be the most important one and obviously people prepare for this prestigious month before hand, so they all would be eager to know about when will they expect the arrival of ramazan in 2019.

Ramadan In 2019


Ramadan 2019 Time Table

ramadan time table 2019

ramadan time table pdf

ramadan time table pdf download

Well if you are wondering that where can you find the exact time table for ramadan, then don’t worry because we have that sorted out for you. This date of 5th may 2019 applies to all the countries around the world, this can or may change because the times are different in each country. But so far this is the most expected date according to the islamic calendar. The welcome of ramadan is started when the new moon is sighted from all around the country. The new moon indicates that a new islamic month has started, that also gives the starting signs of ramadan kareem. Many people from around the world print out cards and calendars so that they keep a track of the days left, many mosques around the world offer these calendars to the people around as a ramadan gift.

Happy Ramadan Mubarak 2019


If you are wondering that why is it so important to have an exact date to start the fasts of ramadan, so don’t break a sweat by thinking so hard. Muslims have to keep a exact track of time so that they can start the taraweeh prayers. These are the prayers that are offered on the night that occurs before the first fast, these prayers continue through the whole ramadan atleast till 20-23 days or even less depending on the mosque.


Ramadan is a prestigious month for all the muslims around the world. They enjoy fasting and all the feasts that ramadan kareem brings for them, but Ramadan is much more than just feasts. Its about feeling the fast, feeling the hunger that the poor feels. Its about distributing food and love to all the poor and needy. Ramadan gives a message of peace and harmony like no other. It’s a perfect example to show that humanity is still alive in this world. A advance happy Ramadan mubarak 2019 to you all, we hope that you are also able to spread smiles this Ramadan.

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