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Happy Ramadan Mubarak 2019

Days change according to the moon every year, for example, it’s not important that if you had your birthday on Monday in 2019 then it will arrive on the same day. Same as this, months also change their routes and seasons. This cycle of change is fascinating and tricky at the same time and because of these changes, it’s important for people from a different religion to know about their important dates. Talking of important dates, do you know when is Ramadan 2019? If not, don’t worry because we are going to guide you all about when is Ramadan in 2019.

Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar, it is a holy month of blessings and prayers. Muslims from all around the world fast accordingly throughout the whole month of Ramadan. The fast is then broken with a date at the sunset (maghrib). This holy month is said to be the most important one and obviously, people prepare for this prestigious month beforehand, so they all would be eager to know about when will they expect the arrival of Ramazan in 2019.

Ramadan 2019 Time Table

ramadan time table 2019

ramadan time table pdf

ramadan time table pdf download

Well if you are wondering that where can you find the exact time table for Ramadan, then don’t worry because we have that sorted out for you. This date of 5th may 2019 applies to all the countries around the world, this can or may change because the times are different in each country. But so far this is the most expected date according to the Islamic calendar. The welcome of Ramadan is started when the new moon is sighted from all around the country. The new moon indicates that a new Islamic month has started, that also gives the starting signs of Ramadan Kareem. Many people from around the world print out cards and calendars so that they keep a track of the days left, many mosques around the world offer these calendars to the people around as a Ramadan gift.


If you are wondering why is it so important to have an exact date to start the fasts of Ramadan, so don’t break a sweat by thinking so hard. Muslims have to keep an exact track of time so that they can start the Taraweeh prayers. These are the prayers that are offered on the night that occurs before the first fast, these prayers continue through the whole Ramadan at least till 20-23 days or even less depending on the mosque.


Ramadan is a prestigious month for all the Muslims around the world. They enjoy fasting and all the feasts that Ramadan Kareem brings for them, but Ramadan is much more than just feasts. It’s about feeling fast, feeling the hunger that the poor feels. It’s about distributing food and love to all the poor and needy. Ramadan gives a message of peace and harmony like no other. It’s a perfect example to show that humanity is still alive in this world. An advance happy Ramadan Mubarak 2019 to you all, we hope that you are also able to spread smiles this Ramadan.

Ramadan Images HD Download 2019

Find the Best Ramadan 2019 images

Ramadan is just around the corner and people are prepping hard for it. Along with all the practical preparations, people design their social walls with happy Ramadan images. These images are not only used to show the love of Ramadan Kareem on your social media walls. But these Ramadan Mubarak images are also used by people to send each other meaning full Ramadan greetings. Well, the uses of these Ramadan HD images 2019 are many, but one thing is common in all of them. That these Ramadan pictures deliver plenty of beautiful message in one pictorial way.

Ramadan is the month of spreading smiles and love, especially through charitable ways like zakat. Ramadan is much more than just a month of fasts, its an urge to feel sorry for the people who sleep roofless and who eats plateless. It’s a month to forget our differences and fights with every other person no matter how far or deep they are. Ramadan Kareem gives a message of peace, unity and harmony. People tend to convey this kind of message with all of their love through these images. If you are wondering where can you find these images? Then don’t worry because we are going to tell you that. You may find these images on the internet very easily, people always search for “Ramadan images download free” so that they can find pictures that are free to download. This way they won’t have to rush here and there for getting a simple picture. We are sure that by following these steps you will find the best Ramadan images.

Ramadan Images With Quotes

These pictorial messages are available in different forms and types, one of its forms is in beautiful Ramadan images. These type of Ramadan Kareem images are available on the internet along with Ramadan quotes. You must be thinking about, what purpose do these images actually serve? these beautiful images of Ramadan Mubarak are used in various ways, they are even portrayed on the televisions with various messages for example, as the background of a Ramadan time table ad or as an item that can be inserted in the slides of various screen savers. People also absolutely love to forward these Ramadan Mubarak pictures from one person to another, so that they can convey the love of Ramadan from them to the others.

We are sure that you all are waiting for Ramadan as impatiently as we all are, we hope that this Ramadan you get a chance of really feeling what Ramadan is really about. Till then we wish you an advanced happy Ramadan Mubarak 2019.


Ramadan Kareem is the month of unlimited blessings and smiles, it is the month of giving to the poor and learning how they live. This is the month where most people start to feel how thankful they are for whatever they have. Ramadan Kareem is the most important time for all the Muslims around the world for certain reasons. They all fast throughout the month, with full enthusiasm and will power.


These fasts are not only for praying and thanking God for the blessings he gave us, but these facts are actually something that most people look up to as teachers of moral ethics. We say this because fasting in Ramadan Kareem does not just mean to control the hunger and thirst for long hours. But it actually means to control the anger, the frustration, the hate and the worldly pleasures we have. Controlling all this eventually leads to a person being more patient, more caring and giving and the specific person ends up being a philanthropist. People love to wish each other Ramadan Mubarak wishes because this month is to celebrate the blessings. This Ramadan Kareem wishes 2019 are in many different ways and types, for example, people may consider gifting something to someone or maybe they will just text Ramadan Kareem wishes to each other. Maybe these ways are different, but the meaning and feeling of love remain the same.

Ramadan wishes in Urdu and Hindi

Languages are just ways of conveying what you want to say to each other. These Ramadan 2019 wishes can be conveyed to one another in any language. The most common wish that is said to be delivered through social media In different languages is “ happy Ramadan Mubarak”2019.we all know that Muslims reside all around the world, in different continents, communities and cultures. So apparently we all have different background and languages. You may wish Ramadan Kareem wishes 2019 in your mother tongue to someone from your family or to someone who has the same language. But its always better to use the international language when talking to someone who is not from your culture, you may wish them the blessings of Ramadan Kareem in English.

This month is all about happiness and spreading it, so make sure that you are spreading enough with your kind and heartwarming words. We also wish you a happy Ramadan Mubarak 2019.


The best Ramadan greetings 2019

The greeting is a sign of showing someone that you welcome them, it’s a way of showing affection and care. To greet someone means that you want them to be in your life, with all due respect. Greeting in Islam has a high moral value, it’s said to greet everyone even it’s your enemy because it’s a gesture of respect, peace and harmony. There are some occasions in which greeting is of very much importance in Islam, for example, important months like the holy month of Ramadan. People greet Ramadan Mubarak greetings to each other in different ways, some people greet in person and many on phone. This is a way of not just showing harmony to each other, but greets in Ramadan also shows that people are welcoming the month with full enthusiasm.

These Ramadan Mubarak greetings are one of the most important rituals that have to be done when Ramadan starts. Maybe the Ramadan 2019 greetings ways are different and they vary from one person to another but the message and feelings are the same throughout the world. Well if you are wondering how to greet your loved ones this Ramadan in an easy way then we will tell you about it.


Ramadan Kareem greetings can also be conveyed in one easy way and that is by texting. It’s not important that you have to arrange for any kind of gestures etc, you can easily text that specific person. This way of Ramadan greetings is easy and effective because you can greet a person even if he is miles away from you. Texting can be incorporated in many other ways too, for example, adding a pictorial view of the greet. You may use Ramadan Kareem greeting images, these type of pictures are easily found on the internet. Most people use social media apps to convey their message of welcoming to other people, they prefer using the pictorial method because it is creative and looks more practical. You may also add pictures and then write the Ramadan greetings in English by yourself, this way the greet becomes customised and meaningful.

We hope that you got a clear idea of Ramadan greets and its effective ways. Ramadan Kareem is all about good deeds and spreading smiles, so try to spread as many smiles as you can this Ramadan. Till then a very happy Ramadan Mubarak 2019 in advance to you all. We hope your Ramadan will be a fine month will these Ramadan greeting images.


Wallpapers are the most magical creation of mankind in various ways, they are just not screen savers. They are something that reflects a person’s real personality. Some people don’t really get the wallpaper hype, but the ones who get it probably know what it’s like to find that perfect piece that will fit perfectly on your phone or whatever device. People love to change wallpapers every now and then, this actually makes people feel fresh and it is proven.

Happy Ramadan Mubarak HD Wallpapers

Well, there has to be a subject that they can change on right? People actually like to change the wallpaper according to any upcoming occasion, that is dear to them. Talking of special occasions, there is actually something big coming up for us and that is Ramadan Kareem. This year in 2019 Ramadan will be starting from 5th May respectively, the preparations for this holy month are already on the peak. But wait! Have you found your ramadan 2019 wallpaper photo yes? If no the hurry and find your Ramadan Mubarak wallpaper 2019.

The best thing about these beautiful Ramadan wallpapers is that they update every year, so we find something that is unique every year. Make sure that you get yourself a nice Ramadan Mubarak wallpaper HD soon. We will suggest that whenever you search for the Ramadan Mubarak wallpaper, then always keep in mind to search as “ Ramadan Mubarak wallpaper download free” only by this way you will be able to find a gorgeous Ramadan Kareem wallpaper, that is absolutely free for you to download.

We will also suggest you that you should hurry to get your favourite wallpaper before it gets too common that every other person starts using it. But if you will get it first then maybe you will have a chance to show your wallpaper off to some of your friends before it gets fame. If you want a wallpaper that is going to be the best Ramadan wallpaper, then you may buy the wallpaper from some site.

This is the only way by which you will be assured that the wallpaper is only owned by you. Ramadan Mubarak wallpaper full HD is also available on sites that are selling them, the free to download ones are normally not In high quality. high quality or low, we are sure that every picture that is related to the prestigious month of Ramadan  Kareem is special, we wish that all the Muslims around the world enjoy a fruitful Ramadan.

We also wish you a very happy Ramadan Mubarak 2019. We also hope that these wallpapers for Ramadan will bring some joy to the festivity of the holy month of Ramadan.

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